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The Gift Store - Northwest Austin

The Gift Store is located inside The Mail Store at the corner of 183 and Spicewood Springs Rd. in Austin. The owner Marcia Stokes left one of those corporate high-tech jobs after 15 years and purchased THE MAIL STORE in April 1993.

Lots of mail stores around offer a few gifts or collectibles... but The Gift Shop inside of The Mail Store carries quite a collection of shopping pleasures. And is also the perfect place for someone who needs a gift, gift wrapping and of course... to mail it.

What you'll find here...
collectibles, gifts, wind chimes, stationary, greeting cards, jewelry, home decor, children's items, crosses, frames, collegiate gifts, Texas gifts, ornaments, knick knacks, toys, wall art, tote bags, aprons, lamps, watches, key chains

Product lines:
Willow Tree, Webkinz, Springbook Puzzles, Wellspring, Flip Notes & Notecards, Box Girls, Jody Coyote, DEXSA, Women of the Way, Mee Too Coozies, Red Carpet Foot Fuzzies, Stephan Baby, Natural Life, Scent Shop Reed Diffusers, Eyeglass Readers, Manual Woodworkers, Lawrence Frames, Spiritual Harvest Crosses, Dynasty Gallery


The Gift Shop
(inside The Mail Store)

8650 Spicewood Sprigs #145
Austin, TX 78759
(512) 258-3086

Mon - Fri 9:30a - 5:30p
Sat 10a-3p