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The Needle Works Austin, Texas

I have lived in Austin since May, 1984. Before having the store I was a branch manager for a Real Estate Title Company. In 1997 I bought the store and the adventure began. The Needle Works was started in 1978 and I am the 4th owner. It has always been in the 26 Doors Shopping Center on 38th Street. When I bought the store it was located in a small 700 square foot store, 2 weeks after purchasing I moved it to a 1800 sq. ft. space. In August of 2005 I moved it to the current 3400 sq. ft. space. In 2008, with the knowledge that my lease would be upp the summer of 2010, I set out to find a piece of property that I could buy and own instead of rent. We succeeded and in January, 2010, we will break ground on a new 3700 sq. foot stand alone building at 44th and Medical Parkway.

What you'll find here...
The store specializes in Hand Painted Needlepoint canvas. We have a huge selection of canvas, fibers and notions to stir the creative juices within.

Classes are held regularly from local and national teachers.

A full webstore in available for those unable to make it to the store.



The Needle Works
4401 Medical Parkway
Austin, TX 78756
(512) 451-6931

Tues – Fri 10am - 5:30pm
Sat – 11am - 4:30pm